This item is the main pick up in Dark Castle, found in each game in the series, and acting as your only source of attack towards the many perils of Dark Castle. Duncan's only way of attacking comes from throwing Rocks which will kill most Enemies in one hit. The Gargoyle is the one enemy that cannot be killed with just rocks, as something more is needed.

Once the Fireball is obtained, all rocks thrown turn into Fireballs.

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In Dark Castle, Beyond Dark Castle, and Color Dark Castle, after obtaining 80, or over rocks, you can no longer pick up rocks until you go back under 80, making the largest number of rocks you can carry 89.


It kills all the enemies in the game with one hit, except for the Guard, the Dragon, the Burning Eye, the Magic Broom, the Rock Henchman the Whip Henchman, the Black Knight, and the Gargoyle.

  • Guard - One rock will knock down the guard but he will get up after a while.
  • Dragon - The rocks have no effect on the Dragon
  • Burning Eye - A rock will stun the Burning Eye for a short time.
  • Magic Broom - A rock with break the Magic Broom into a few smaller brooms, until there are 3 small brooms left.
  • Rock Henchman - Rocks have no effect on him, and bounce off of him.
  • Whip Henchman - Rocks have no effect on him, and bounce off of him.
  • Gargoyle - Rocks have no effect on the Gargoyle and pass right through him.
  • Black Knight - Rocks have no effect on the Black Knight and pass right through him.


The appearance of the Rock bag has stayed pretty much the same between all versions of Dark Castle

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