Main Menu

Main Menu from the original Dark Castle.

Dark Castle's Main Menu always has the "Scores of Merit". Dark Castle, Color Dark Castle, and Return to Dark Castle all have the castle off to the side on the main menu. Beyond Dark Castle is inside the castle. Return to Dark Castle has "Heros of Merit" rather then "Scores of Merit" Due to that fact that that if where you select your saved hero/game.

Color Dark Castle Main MenuEdit

Main MenuCDC

Main Menu from Color Dark Castle.

Color Dark Castle had a very different Main Menu, with a completely different looking Castle.

Beyond Dark Castle Main MenuEdit

SoM normal

Main Menu from Beyond Dark Castle.

In Beyond Dark Castle there was a new Main Menu, Showing a fireplace on the insides of Dark Castle, and the "Scores of Merit".

Return to Dark Castle Main MenuEdit

Main MenuDC3

Main Menu from Return to Dark Castle.

Return to Dark Castle's Main Menu, is similar to the original Dark Castle's Main Menu, but with changing time, and clouds that move about.


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