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Beyond the original Levels from the first two games, Return to Dark Castle includes the following Levels (plus new secrets):

Start RoomEdit


There are several secret rooms, most of which are shown in their paths below. A few were added to the old games' levels:

Upper Left DoorEdit

Main Conservatory Path:

Wine Cellar Mini-Path:

Upper Right DoorEdit

Main Fireball Path:

Chapel Mini-Path:

Middle Left ExitEdit

Main Stoneball Path:

Forest Tower Secret Path:

Middle Right ExitEdit

Main Mosquito Path:

Underground River Secret Path:

Iron Spire Mini-Path:

Crypt Mini-Path:

Crypt2 Mini-Path:

Lower Left DoorEdit

Main Shield Path:

Olde Tower Basement Secret Path:

Giant Tree Mini-Path:

Cave Dungeon Mini-Path:

Mine Shaft Secret Path:

Lower Right DoorEdit

Main Potion Factory Path:

Kitchen Mini-Path:

  • Kitchen - Two exits: Laboratory and Pantry

Pantry Secret Path:

Skull DoorEdit

Dark Knight Path:

Training AreaEdit

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