Breakout is a secret mini-game easter egg level.

The original game of Breakout is similar to a game called Arkanoid, and has a paddle going back and forth across the bottom of the screen that hits a ball which bounces up and breaks bricks. In some versions of the game, breaking special bricks makes powerups fall.


Jump onto the platform with the knight statue in the Great Hall and flip an invisible switch. This opens a panel under the statue which you can crawl into.


Break all the bricks by throwing rocks.


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Spoilers and HintsEdit

  • Make sure you take plenty of rocks before you start.
  • Try to catch the rocks on your platform by breaking the brick below it as you approach.
  • Try to avoid the bombs by breaking the bricks below them from across the room
  • If you fall or get pushed off the platform, you'll land in Kitchen.

Levels on the PathEdit

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